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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  July 15, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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first at 7:00 a major break in a decades old murder case. >> charging lloyd lee michael welch, jr. with first degree felony murder for his involvement in the deaths of sheila and katherine lyon. >> the wheels of justice sometimes turn slowly, but tonight prosecutors say we are a good bit closer to justice for those two innocent young girls abducted from a mall in montgomery county now 40 years ago. thanks for being here. i'm derek mcginty. >> and i'm lesli foster. prosecutors today announced a grand jury at bedford county, virginia, has indicted twice convicted child sex offender
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lloyd welch in the murders of sheila and katherine lyon. bruce leshan has a look at what happens next. >> reporter: despite thousands of hours of searching police have still been unable to find the bodies of the lyon sisters, but new search warrant affidavits unsealed today reveal the kind of circumstantial case that they are building against twice convicted child sex offender lloyd welch. police say in an affidavit that a relative told them welch came to her in bedford in the spring of 1975 with a duffel bag filled with bloody clothing. he said the blood was from spoiled ground beef. she refused to wash it. another cousin allegedly told investigators that he helped welch burn two big heavy duffel bags with red stains and the odor of death. the grand jurors believed welch abducted sheila and katherine lyon from wheaton plaza and that he killed them in bedford.
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the girls' parents 11ed stoically to news of the indictment -- listened stoicically to news of the indictment and then left without talking, but this is a case that has shaken the entire community. >> when you and i were young, we used to go out in the woods and play for eight or 10 hours and nobody worried about us. this case marked a break in the american psyche. >> it was a life changing moment for how you raised children in this community and that's sad. that continues today. >> reporter: the prosecutor says prison guards in delaware told lloyd welch that he had been indicted in these murders, no word on his reaction, but the bedford county prosecutor says he expects to have welch in virginia within 90 days to face these murder counts. in wheaton bruce leshan, wusa9. >> the police were shockingly close to lloyd welch days after the abduction. he came back to the mall and they interviewed him about what he later admitted was a false
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report about someone else abducting the girls and then they let him go. in that very same neighborhood where the lyon sisters attended the oakland terrace elementary school their peers are now grown in their 50s and today now many reacted with a sense of relief. >> and for the last 40 years as i live here in wheaton, drive past the house, buy my flowers at johnson's florist where mrs. lyons worked for many years it was haunting me for my whole life. >> now many say a full sense of closure will not come until the facts are revealed at lloyd welch's trial and those girls' remains are found. and you can find the charging documents and the video from today's announcement plus background on this case on the wusa9 app. frederick county maryland authorities are searching tonight for a missing mount airy, maryland, man who may be holding his girl friend against her will.
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20-year-old mitchell yates is wanted in frederick county for fleeing and eluding police. officers found the man's car, but they haven't been able to locate yates or his girl friend. new developments tonight in the case of a hagerstown boy allegedly beaten over birthday cake, a judge has ordered jack garcia's mother and uncle to be held behind bars without bail. the two are charged with second degree murder and first degree child abuse. police say the uncle handcuffed jack. then the mother's fiance beat him with her approval and she later sent away an ambulance. jack died five days later. well, tonight two teen- agers are charged with first degree murder after a deadly shooting at the wheaton metro garage. now according to the court documents police found some evidence in one of their backpacks. >> reporter: i'm stephanie ramirez outside of the wheaton metro garage. a police source says there are indications that the people involved may be in gangs, but it's still very early in this investigation to even say if this is gang related. what we do know from police is
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the identity of the victim now, 20-year-old eric melgar of montgomery county. this is a young man believed to be the victim. montgomery county police tell us he had several outstanding criminal charges against him. 19-year-old douglas chase of d.c. and 18-year-old brent sanderson are now charged with first degree murder. police still didn't say what started this shooting. one man in the area when it happened says he's still shaken up about it. >> heard like 12 gunshots and i just -- i get paralyzed, you know. so i get scared and the people who was around me, we start running. >> it's always tragic when you hear somebody getting a senseless robbing and killing somebody. >> to me the most important thing is to know as the district council member that our police department is on top of it. >> reporter: charging documents say five shell casings were found at the scene. police identified the 19-year-
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old suspect as the shooter in. wheaton stephanie ramirez, wusa9 news. >> and question found the 19- year-old suspect also has a court history in d.c. both teens are now being held without bond and they are due back in court tomorrow afternoon. well, d.c. police say a drunken driver plowed into a woman on the suitland parkway last night while she was trying to change a flat on her van and 32-year-old tomika early was killed. tonight robert paris of southeast is charged with second degree murder, driving under the influence and leaving the scene of the collision. police say paris was behind the wheel of a blue pickup traveling at a high rate of speed when he slammed into the disabled vehicle. according to the investigators, paris then tried to drive away but instead slammed into a white lexus before slamming into a utility pole. paris has a lengthy criminal history with several charges of driving under the influence. >> he needs to be locked up. he needs to be throw away the key. he does not need to be on the streets anymore at all driving,
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period. >> police want any witnesses to crash to please give them a call. the attorney for aryanna kelly says she will fight the charges of indecent exposure and trespassing which came from a situation last month after dropping her two children off at her ex-husband's home who was living with his fiance and she became upset. >> but the idea was that it would be a transition so the children could adjust. when she opens the door, she sees apparently that he has moved his fiancee in. >> now the attorney luis simmons will not discuss any other specifics of the case. according to police documents, kelly exposed her breasts and refused to leave the property after being warned by montgomery county police. her ex-husband supplied some cell phone video to police. well, after almost two days of skeptical lawmakers slamming the possibility of a nuclear deal with iran president obama speaking out and taking questions about the historic agreement that was eventually
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made. craig boswell reports the president's news conference comes as congress begins to pour through the fine print. >> reporter: president obama defended his stance on an agreement that will rein in iran's nuclear program. >> this deal is our best means of assuring that iran does not get a nuclear weapon. >> reporter: the president says it is an agreement not built on trust but verification. there is pushback on capitol hill, too, where many are promising to kill the deal during congressional review period. >> congress has the ability over these next 60 days to scrutinize it, to debate it and ultimately god willing to stop it. >> reporter: vice president biden was on capitol hill hoping to win over skeptical lawmakers. craig boswell, cbs news, capitol hill. >> and the president challenged his critics to explain how they could get a better deal. an oily slippery substance on the red line metrorail is causing some delay tonight just in time for the evening rush.
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metro says the red line trains are single tracking between the grover in and twin -- grove -- groevner and twinbrook stations and riders are told to expect delays of 20 to 30 minutes. the list is out and of the 2015 lifetime artistic achievements honorees are carol king, rita moreno, sicily tyson and the american rock band the eagles. the 38th annual national kennedy center honors celebration airlines right here on cbs sunday, december 6th. it is getting nice here in northwest. there are a couple showers still across parts of calvert county and also around st. mary's county which we'll see on radar. these are going to be out of there in the next 20 minutes just south of shadyside and then we're looking for one of the coolest nights in quite some time. we'll come back and talk about
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how long this cool weather could last. [ applause ] >> and that was just one of the pluto pictures that got folks all worked up earlier today. we'll show you the others right after the break. >> and later forget amazon's big deal day. how about $100 flights to europe? the airline behind these easy ways to fly on the cheap. you're
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d.c. police hope you can help them find a computer thief. someone broke into the deanwood library and this surveillance video shows the crook using some big clippers to snap the computer lock and then he runs off with the screen. there is a $1,000 reward for anyone who can help police crack this case. nasa is out with some new images of pluto today after
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this historic fly-by of the so- called dwarf planet, these images captured by the new horizon spacecraft and scientists say some of the most fascinating pictures tuacally came from sharon. that is pluto's largest >> sharon just blew our socks off. there is so much interesting science in this one image alone. >> the spacecraft traveled 13 billion miles to get nose images. scientist -- those images. scientists say it may take another 16 months to get them all transmitted to earth. a powerful rocket blasts off from cape canaveral, florida. atlas 5 boosted a gps satellite into space which provides up to the second location data and an atomic clock. it will allow impact gps units to calculate the user's position to within a few feet and a fraction of a mile-per-
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hour. a small plane carrying students from a skydiving school this weekend lost power shortly after takeoff sunday morning. it landed safely on route 72 in ocean county. that is a main road between philadelphia and the jersey shore and luckily no one was hurt. a motorcycle and a rail system, that's just part of a drug lord's great prison escape. we go inside that mile long tunnel next. >> and a word of advice for anyone who plans to shop today's christmas in july online deals, what to do before you buy those items in your amazon or wal-mart cart after the break. >> and finally some gorgeous days on tap. topper is tracking how long we can avoid the 90s and the storm. you're watching wusa9 and your
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well, today we are getting our first look inside a tunnel that a mexican drug lord used to get out of jail free. the mile long walk starts with a hole under joaquin guzman's shower and from there he made his way through this quite well constructed tunnel on a rusty motorcycle and a couple of carts on steel rails. this tunnel has wires. it has lights. he could see his whole way. el chapo climbed up this ladder into a small building near the maximum security prison and he's still on the run. police say it is obvious that
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he got some inside help, perhaps a lot of inside help. so far the prison has fired three workers. >> a motorcycle and lights? gee, whiz. the colorado movie theater's fate is now in the hands of a jury. they must decide whether james holmes was legally insane when he killed 12 people in a crowded midnight movie premier leigh years ago. his lawyers have already admitted that he did it. the only questions are was he locally shanawn d if he should live out his day -- legally insane and if he should live out his days in a mental facility or be put to death. a man now on a trial for rigging a game and raking in millions. eddy tipton is the security director for the multi-state lottery administration which operates games like powerball for lotteries all over the country. that position would have made it illegal for him to even buy a ticket, but prosecutors say surveillance video shows him doing just that in des moines at a coienvennce store in 2010.
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now that particular ticket turned out to be a $16 million winner, but cyber security experts say the burden of proof may be illusive. >> this is a very unique case in that most of the evidence that should be there is not. there is no evidence directly linking him to this crime and that all the evidence out there is hypothetical or circumstantial. so the defense in this case has a fairly powerful argument for reasonable doubt and it's going to be up to the prosecution to overcome that. >> the prosecutors say tipton somehow tampered with security cameras and used a thumb drive to install malware on lottery computers in order to pick those winning numbers. if they can convict him of that, he could face 10 years in prison. a low cost airline is offering a wow fare from bwi to europe. the budget wow airlines today announced ninety-nine dollars one-way fares from baltimore to paris or amsterdam. the cheap fares start in october. you got to go through iceland before you connect to paris or amsterdam and the flights will
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operate five times to amsterdam and twice a week to paris. you have to travel from early to december or january 10th to march 10th. the internet uzz over amazon and wal-mart's christmas in july deals. the online retailers are offering deep discounts just like they do on black friday, but if you're planning on doing a little couch shopping tone, experts warn -- tonight, experts warn shop around and see if you're getting the best deal. >> what you'll find with amazon is not so much they'll show the regular price they charge, but it's more matter that they show the manufacturers suggested retail price. >> amazon is letting customers sign up for a free 30 day trial of its prime service to nab today's deals. wal-mart is offering online rollbacks for the next three months starting today. well, sadly play time is over at an iconic new york city toy store. after 145 years f.a.o.
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schwartz is closing up its flagship store. you remember this from the movie with tom hanks. the company said the rent is get doing high for the prime spot and hopes to open at another location in midtown manhattan. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> so no yellow alert, no rain, at least not for a few days. you're tracking some sunshine and thinking you're feeling pretty good about this 3-degree guarantee. >> i think it's in our wheelhouse this time. we went for a high today -- it was kind of tricky with the cold front south of us, but the cool air lagged behind it. we went actually for a high today of 87 and we'll low the you know how we did tonight -- let you know how we did tonight at 11:00. let's talk about pluto for a second. the pictures are spectacular. they also look nothing like i had envisioned them in my mind. i don't think i'm alone in that
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regard. how big is pluto? actually it's not very big. this is the continental u.s. and imagine flying and programming a spacecraft to go 3 billion miles to find a planet, okay, only the size of about half the u.s. that's it. that's pretty impressive math. you kids don't like math, that's how math can be fun. okay. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, back up to 85. that's a good thing. dew points are finally in the 60s and they'll fall throughout the night as drier air moves in. it's going to be a great night, in fact, even kind of cool by morning. so rest the ac tonight, lows in the 60s, simply gorgeous tomorrow. friday will be warmer, but the key, it will not be humid at all. that said the heat and humidity return this weekend. so it's just lurking to our south, get a couple days' reprieve and that's about it. so futurecast 10:00 tonight you can walk the dog, 75 in
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leesburg, 77 manassas. in the morning look what happens, 60s everywhere, 59 in hagerstown. this is 6:00 in the morning, about as good as july gets quite frankly, by 9:00 it's 70 downtown but still 60s in the burbs and by 12:30, 1:00 perfect day to walk to lunch, take lunch outside, temps in the 70s, just a few clouds in the coastal sections of the bay on the west side and maybe a shower down toward the northern neck, but tomorrow will be spectacular. 83 by 5:00 and 24 hours from now temperatures still upper 70s to around 80. for tonight we've taken the shower out, clear and cooler. rest the ac, open the windows, lows in the 60s. now day planner 60s to start and 70 by 9:00, 75 by 11:00, 79 by full sunshine at 1:00. still nice friday, 86 but not humid yet but hot and humid on saturday, isolated storm, temperatures in the low 90s.
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next seven days it's going to stay hot, set up camp for a while, 96 on sunday, 97 on monday, mid-90s on tuesday and 90 with a much better chance of storms by next wednesday. nats in town friday through wednesday and
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well, that's it for us. we'll see you
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one direction's baby shocker. what we know about the young woman pregnant with louis' child. >> as fans go bananas over the boy bander becoming a dad at 23. ♪ >> he's now going to be a dad. kids going to have to grow up. >> what are you doing? >> they're supposed to be role models. >> the outrage. his baby mama in hiding? >> will they stay together. hear what he told us about girlfriends and his very protective mom. >> and is clooney trying for a baby? the new report. >> and then what is up with bieber posing with a knife, dressed as a clown. plus, chris brown's home invasion. where he partied while his aunt was being held at gunpoint. also -- >> you have bigger breasts for 24 hours. >> inside the new crazy trend,


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